Youth Group Takes on SF…for a day


Written by Jesse Jarreau
CERI has enriched the lives of many Cambodian American families in the Oakland Bay Area. Through their many programs, CERI has provided a safe place for adults and children. CERI’s has three active youth programs for youth aged six to twenty four. The youth programs provide opportunities to experience adventures, peer support, learn leadership skills, receive assistance with academic needs, and counseling.

On June 23rd, 2016, our children’s group spent the day in San Francisco. CERI took 12 inspiring youth to “the city” for a fun-filled day visiting the Aquarium of the Bay and the Musée Mécanique. The youth group kicked off the day by boarding a ferry to San Francisco. The ferry not only provided an environmentally safe and efficient way to travel, but also provided a new perspective on the San Francisco Bay. The ferry gave the youth an opportunity to see iconic structures of the Bay such as the Bay Bridge and the Port of Oakland Cranes up close.

Upon our arrival in San Francisco, we disembarked from the ferry. Walking down the Piers, the youth and the volunteers got to experience the roaring buzz of Fisherman’s Wharf. This lively area only provided more fuel of excitement for the next adventure that was yet to come. After a stroll down the piers, we arrived at the Aquarium of the Bay. The Aquarium brought marine life of the Bay into an interactive learning environment. Whether it was the tunnels of marine life or the Jellyfish Exhibit, the Aquarium of the Bay had something for everyone to love. Our time spent at the Aquarium made all of us hungry! So after a brief break for lunch, our next stop on our bucket list was Musée Mécanique. This vintage arcade left the youth in awe when they discovered it was nothing like the modern arcades that they have been to in the past. After a full day of laughs and giggles (even Laughing Sal could laugh too), our time at Musée Mécanique came to an end.

Our adventure came to a close when our ferry came to meet us at Pier 41. On the ferry ride back, the youth and chaperones were worn out by the day’s excursion. The fresh ocean breeze and slow but gentle rock of the ferry ended a successful outing to the Golden Gate City. In the video below, is a photo show of our time in the Golden City. We hope you enjoy it!

Click on the photo above to watch the photo show.

Shout out to our volunteers Tiana and Olivia for their help to ensure a safe and fun adventure! Thank You!


CERI’s youth programs are made possible by funding generated by prop 63, which is distributed by Alameda County. We also receive grants and philanthropic donations which make it possible to continue our work with Cambodian families in the East Bay.

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