Summer Retreat 2015, The Sequoia National Forest


On August 9th bright and early, we loaded up our truck, bought food and snacks for our long road trip, and headed to the Sequoia National Forest! The next several days we enjoyed hikes, a natural water slide, a bubbling creek near our little village in the woods, and cooking over the fire.

After a long California drought, we found the abundantly gushing waterfalls and creek to be very healing. Apparently lots of wildlife such as bears and deer also found the creek refreshing, but we were careful not to disturb their visits to the stream.

After several days of roughing and toughing it out in the woods, we headed home to Oakland.

We are very grateful to the Devata Giving Circle for contributing funds to our yearly retreat, and providing another memorable experience for our young women. We are also grateful to Maria Remigio and her lovely family. They provided tents and delicious food for all of us. Until next year…!

9am August 9th Loading Up the Truck

Loading Up the Truck

It's a big forest

It’s a big forest.

At last we found our beautiful site.

At last we found our beautiful site.  Our volunteer, Maria and her family, had tents and dinner waiting.


Pitching in



Tunbo, our firekeeper and bear chaser















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