2014 Asian Pacific Islander Women’s Leadership Summit


by Maria Remigio

On September 20th, 2014, 11 young women from Roya and 24 women from CERI’s adult program joined the 2nd API Women’s Summit, “Building Power, Setting Sail”, held in Oakland, CA.

api womens leadership summit

The program began at 10:00 a.m. with a welcome ceremony. Each community said hello in their own native language and presented an offering as a symbol of gratitude from their culture. Each offering was placed on a small table, surrounded by a circle of women. A few men were present.

The Summit, had a full program presented by the API Women’s Circle. Ten organizational partners, and 25 Workshop Facilitators offered workshops in the areas of employment, wellness and healing, meditation, education and organizing, and raising healthy families. Many of our young women who actively participated in the meditation workshop found it worthwhile.

Roya’s  young women participated in the boat making  project. The boat project included tools. The participants were required to create a list of goals necessary to survive and succeed in a journey to a better life. The young women brainstormed together on goals and developed this list:

  • higher education
  • freedom
  • independence
  • gratitude
  • creativity
  • motivation
  • wise choices
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • stability
  • safety
  • self respect
  • stable source of income


Together, the Roya young women’s group members built one of 13 boats as an exercise in learning leadership skills. The adults and older adults from CERI built two boats. Eleven other communites, Asian American, mixed heritage communities, Bhutanese, Nepali, Filipino, Korean, Mongolian, Myanmar (Burma), Native American, Pacific Islander, Tibetan, and Vietnamese communities also particpated in the boat building exercise.

At the end of the day. Roya’s young women came to the realization that team work was necessary for their personal success as well as the growth of their community. The young women had a great time and expressed the desire to participate in future summits.


The youth programs at CERI are supported by funding generated by Prop 63, and awarded through Alameda County. Please click on our donation tab to contribute to all of CERI’s successful programs.

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